Damascus Equine Associates

1941 Long Corner Road, Mount Airy, MD 21771

"Damascus Equine Associates offers a wide range of both ambulatory and in-clinic veterinary services in central Maryland.  We are dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive care, with the long term health and well being of your horse as our primary mission."

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Emergency Medicine

Few things cause as much concern to the horse owner as an equine medical emergency.  Acute illness, colic, injury or severe lameness can occur without warning and at any time

As a client of Damascus Equine Associates, you and your horse have access to emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The veterinarians rotate emergency duty and can provide emergency phone consultations or farm visits if your horse requires medical attention.

Your observations and initial assessment of your horse's condition are very important to determine the urgency of the emergency and formulate a plan of action.  Please take a few moments to collect the following information before you discuss the case with the veterinarian on call.

Acute Illness:  Appetite, attitude, temperature, presence of respiratory signs (nasal discharge, cough), presence of gastrointestinal signs (colic, diarrhea).

Colic:  Degree and description of pain, temperature, appetite, presence of manure and it's consistency.

Injury:  Location of injury, amount of bleeding, drainage, swelling, sensitivity, temperature, lameness.

Severe Lameness:  Degree of lameness, swelling, sensitivity, temperature, range of motion of joints, digital pulse, signs of distress (sweating, increased respiratory rate).


       Dr. Radue examining a wound                   Dr. Snyder listening to a heart rate