Damascus Equine Associates

1941 Long Corner Road, Mount Airy, MD 21771

"Damascus Equine Associates offers a wide range of both ambulatory and in-clinic veterinary services in central Maryland.  We are dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive care, with the long term health and well being of your horse as our primary mission."

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Computed RadiographyDigital UltrasonographyEndoscopy

Diagnostic imaging is essential to Damascus Equine Associates. Our imaging modalities include Computed Radiography, Digital Ultrasonography, and Endoscopy.

Computed radiography provides digital x-ray images of the equine skeleton while digital ultrasonography shows detailed digital sound-wave images of soft tissue structures.  Endoscopy provides live video representation of the organ of intrest.

Each of these imaging techniques provide detailed diagnostic information to best serve us in determining therapeutic options for our patients, as well as education and communication with our clients.

Digital ultrasonography